Our Story


Scent Flair aims to provide a simpler way to spatial fragrances, inspired by nature’s beauty. Through extensive testing and search for the best ingredients, we aspire to deliver a mixture of sophistication, quality and beauty.   

Scent Flair scented wax products are cheaper and safer alternatives to candles and electrical diffuser. All you need to do is simply hang or place them in your closet, work space or any small spaces in your home to freshen up the air. 



The main benefits of these scented wax products over candles are:

  • Refreshing scent: They come in a variety of amazing fragrances, to stimulate your senses and bring comfort and soothingness to your mind.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Unlike candles, wax sachet does not need fire, so there will be no harmful smoke and risks of fire hazards. They are also made of all-natural soy wax, quality essential oils and fragrance oils that are free from phthalates, parabens and are not animal-tested.
  • Long-lasting and reusable: They can last for a few months. After the smell has faded away, you can still reuse them by adding some of your favourite fragrance oils or essential oils to the botanicals on top.
  • Botanically beautiful and unique: Each scent of our wax sachets are decorated with different combinations of real dried botanicals. Their elegance and uniqueness from mother nature make them worthy of display in the most beautiful homes. 

Let us help you fragrance your space effortlessly!